Welcome to the 2020 Quality in Long-Term Care Conference!

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Texas Health and Human Services and The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing is hosting this informative, free conference on quality long-term care.

Attendees will gain professional knowledge from nationally and internationally-recognized speakers regarding evidence-based best practices, current healthcare trends, and cutting-edge advances in long-term care, aging and disabilities.

Two of the keynote presentations actively encourage participants to explore their work environments through a new set of eyes, and to build workplace cultures that promote open and honest communication.  Presented by nationally recognized speakers, Meg Soper and Christopher Ridenhour, the integration of emotional intelligence and mindfulness into our work lives can positively enhance the quality of care we provide to our residents. Recognizing that many of our residents are living with dementia, the remaining two keynote addresses present new approaches to recognize the strengths, dignity, and life stories of this special group of long-term care residents. These presentations are delivered by nationally recognized researchers and educators, Dr. Susan Wehry and Dr. Cameron Camp.  The keynote addresses perfectly represent the multiple presentations that can be found in this year’s exciting conference. 

Please join us for these energetic and very informative LIVE presentations on August 31 and September 1.  Then access the HHSC Learning Portal at any time over the next year to access over 40 additional informative and up-to-date presentations that represent best practices in action.  Here you can download more detailed description of all events: Breakout Session Guide.  All breakout sessions will be available when you enroll in the virtual Conference after August 31st and you do not need to register ahead of time for any them.

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